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Brain Cafe,where budding scientists join for a cup of tea !!

Bangalore : Young dynamic and  innovative minds hailing from various parts of Karnataka & Kerala gathered to showcase their novel scientific ideas at the third season of the BrainCafe Budding Scientist Contest in Bangalore.

Brain Cafe Budding Scientist is an all India science competition that provides students with a unique platform to showcase their abilities by applying scientific principles by creating innovative science models. The contest invites thousands of young minds from schools all over the country to translate concepts from physics, chemistry and biology to create exciting practical applications. Started in 2011, the contest is first of its kind and aims at paving way for development of scientific bent of mind among students.School children from standards 1-10 participated in the event showcasing innovative models such as Cleaning Robot, Salt energy, LED Traffic Glove,  Self-Sustained Energy Generator using toy motor etc.brain cafe inspection

A total of 139 students from 32 schools across the southern part of the country participated in the qualifying round leading up to the finals; from the host city Bangalore 49 students from 11 schools participated. In its third year, the contest has generated great response from schools and students across the country. The winners of the qualifier round will present their experiments at the finals, which will be held in Mumbai on January 18, 2014.braincafe winners

The contest was judged by an esteemed panel of educational professionals including Dr. Sarada Chandrasekaran – Director of Whitefield Global School, Dr. Sudhashree Chandrashekar – Director of Capitol Institutions Bangalore, Prof. Rajeev B Agarwal – Director, Management Academy and Research Centre (MARC), Dr. Sushil Kumar Sinha & Mr. P N Shanmugam – Retired Scientists from Indian Space Research Organisation, and Mr. K V Raghavendran – Indian Public School.

Schools participating in the contest were Mother Teresa Public School, Iqra International School, Sree Saraswathi Vidyalaya, Infant Indian School, Goodwill School, Padmavathi Montessori School and Mount Litera Zee School among others.

BrainCafé Budding Scientist Contest is a hunt to discover the future scientist from across the country. The themes for experiments this year include Environment, Force & Energy, Food and Body systems, Magnet, Electricity and Circuits, Friction and Pressure, Heredity and Evolution, Electromagnetism, etc.

Being one of India’s largest annual science competitions, the BrainCafé Budding Scientist Contest provides students a unique platform to showcase their ability to apply scientific principles for creating working models. Looking at the popularity and the eagerness among young students, from this year onwards the contest was made open for all schools across the country to participate. The winners from the final round will receive a cash prize of Rs 5 lakh.budding logo

Sharing his thoughts on the BrainCafé Budding Scientist Contest, Mr. Anuj Katiyar, Marketing Head, Zee Learn Limited, said, “The BrainCafé Budding Scientist Contest is one of India’s largest science competitions that provide students with the unique platform to showcase their ability to apply scientific principles for creating working models. The objective of this competition is to unleash the creativity in a child to invent or innovate based on their understanding of science and how it can help bring about a change to humankind in small unique ways. Held across different levels, from School to the National level, the contest attempts to develop High Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) among students through the route of science. In BrainCafé we are on a mission to ‘Unlock the learning potential of the child’ through activity based, hands-on programmes that go with our belief of “Learning by Doing.”

“Till last year the contest was open only to schools using BrainCafe model, but this year we have allowed all schools to participate. The overwhelming response we have received from students and schools from various regions further motivates us to extend this platform across different cities.” He added,

BrainCafé has created a unique experiential learning programme with its trademark pedagogy QUARC™ for schools in India with the aim to bring the best of science education to schools in India. The program is designed to develop Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) among students through the route of Science. The program intends to improve conceptual understanding of complex science concepts with relative ease and develops scientific temper amongst students in the formative years by providing hands-on experiment.

In Brain Cafe Budding Scientist Contest, every participant gets to create working models around a single or a combination of themes that are decided as per the category of the student.budding-scientist-kichu-low-res

The contest is designed in such a way, that all students from Std. I to Std. X can participate based on 5 different categories that are divided as per their skill levels. The students have to first submit their projects at the school level and thereafter, there are various elimination levels i.e. Knock-Out, Qualifiers & National Finale….@ Brain Cafe, every student is a winner !



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